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The results of MCNP-6 simulations are presented demonstrating the effect that incident neutron energy has on the total energy deposited in an asteroid, including that the efficiency of energy deposition in a material is inversely proportional to the incident neutron energy due to negative Q-value reactions.

This creates a synergistic environment that rarely exists where fellow students can contribute to solving real world defense focused problems. In most materials, an Afit thesis search in neutron energy results in an increase in per-neutron energy deposition.

A largely unexplored component of weapon yield in a disruption scenario is the impact of the neutron output.

SinceAFIT has graduated more than systems engineering students and has created a variety of programs. The neutron energy deposition profilesles are further assessed using the hydrodynamics code Spheral, to evaluate the effect of varying energy deposition proles on disruption effectiveness.

The effects of material composition on the total energy deposited as well as the spacial distribution are also explored. For more information on the new systems engineering program, contact Dr.

The Systems Engineering Research and Analysis Group listened to stakeholders who expressed they were looking for a program that goes well beyond the systems engineering training conducted under the Defense Acquisition University and is underpinned by graduate level education and critical thinking.

Moreover, systems engineer certificate holders will receive additional credit in all future applications for promotions. This suggests that isotopic composition, and not just elemental composition, could influence the energy deposition due to the neutron yield of a nuclear weapon.

John Colombi at john.

AFIT offers new program to support the systems engineering acquisition workforce

Discussions with the stakeholders revealed that a systems engineering certification would provide the ability to credential key engineers who are charged with overseeing major programs. Colombi said they have revised their certificate program to meet these needs. In meteoric iron, however, an increase in incident neutron energy above 12 MeV results in lower per-neutron energy deposition due to a sharp rise in the occurrence of the n,2n reaction in some of the isotopic constituents.

Neutron yield coupling efficiency and disruption efficiency for Abstract The use of nuclear weapons is one possible method for disrupting or deflecting an asteroid on a trajectory to impact the earth.

Nearly half of these engineers are required to be at the highest levels of proficiency expert or advanced in their field. We continue to target key engineers charged with overseeing systems engineering and the potential for assuming higher levels of systems engineering responsibility within the engineering enterprise.The AFIT Graduate Systems Engineering Program has been in existence and Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) accredited since and is one of the oldest systems engineering masters programs accredited in the United States.

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Jump to: Enter search terms: Select context to search: Advanced Search Notify. Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) SPIE Student Chapter Annual Report for AFIT SPIE Student Chapter Best Light-based Master’s Thesis Figure 3: SPIE Fellow, Dr. James Grote presented the AFIT Best Light-based Master’s Thesis award to 2d Lt Bintz at the AFIT Graduation Awards Ceremony Future Activities .

Afit thesis search
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