Black death cause and effect essay

The few that survived could not produce enough food for the towns and cities, and those that could not get food died. Many began to build private chapels.

The Cause and Effect of the Black Death Essay Sample

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. People of the time became obsessed with the culture of death, and they demonstrated this every day. The Black Death had a strong toll on how people of the fourteenth century viewed life and death. Frustrated with Black Death diagnoses that revolved around astrology and superstition, educators began placing greater emphasis on clinical medicine, based on physical science.

They knew the townspeople felt that the Church had let them down, because any blow suffered by the Church was also a direct blow to the human mind.

How the Black Death Worked

Some took it as an act of god, determined that god was displeased and sent out punishment. They held gluttonous banquets, drank, wore extravagant clothing and gambled.

Since many people went into depression, they began to lose the beauty of art and music they once had. The emergence of the Black Death in Europe was associated with the spread of the pandemic from the East. Quickly, the Church began to suffer.

The maintenance of the land rapidly declined leaving the economy in a severe condition. At the same time, the Black Death provoked the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, which resulted in Jewish pogroms.

The plague swept away a considerable part of the population and caused consistent socioeconomic and socio-cultural changes. Before the Black Death occurred, the Church throughout Europe had nearly absolute power.

Jewish pogroms were the response to the Black Death because Europeans believed Jews were responsible for the spread of the disease. The immediate consequence of the Black Death was a massive reduction of the population; however, the plague also had many long term effects.

Those in the paintings were people from all aspect of life, from children to church officials. In such a situation, religion, which was the main source of salvation for people, still played an important part in the life of people and explanation of the disease.

At the same time, symptoms of the disease were different in the East and in the West. In stark contrast, nose bleeding was not a symptom of the Black Death in Europe. The crops were abandoned and many died of starvation.

With them they carried the Black Death and countless other diseases. It was clear through the art of the time, though, that people still had death on their minds.The Effect on Clergy and the Catholic Church during the Black Death - Little was known about the clergy during the Black Death.

For a long time people believed that the Catholic Church had fled from its duty to serve the people. Effects of the Black Death - The biggest effect of the Black Death was people's strained faith in the church.

Learn more about the effects of the Black Death. Essay about Controversy Surrounding the Symptoms of The Black Death - Black Death is a descriptive term used to describe the initial outbreak and spread of bubonic plague in Europe, the Levant and North Africa between and The Cause and Effect of the Black Death Essay Kasey Regan “The Cause and effect of the Black Death ” Intercultural Humanities II Jan.

28, Over the years many tragedies have affected the arts and the way people express emotion.

The Black Death Essay

The Black Death Essay The Black Death was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history. The disease spread fast and covered the territory from China to England and the ultimate western part of Europe, covering. The Cause and Effect of the Black Death Essay Sample.

Over the years many tragedies have affected the arts and the way people express emotion. However, during the fourteenth century there was nothing as devastatingly inspiring as The Black Death.

Black death cause and effect essay
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