Book report worksheet second grade

Answers Write two poem lines. Combine this kit with the Grade 4 Parent Kit, and you can confidently teach and guide your fourth grader through a year of academic excellence.

The Grade 4 Child Kit contains all essential textbooks and coordinated materials, including assessments, for an entire year of schooling in language arts, arithmetic, science, health, and history—22 items total. Below are examples of these 5 house templates. These house shaped graphic organizers will provide you with all of the teaching resources that you need for your students to write about the main character, setting, plot, why it would be fun to live in this house with the main character, and a "home sweet home" moment from the story.

What is happening in this poem? Describe the main setting of the story using as much detail as possible. This time is valuable and better spent on developing your classroom curriculum and grading papers, so I have designed a matching 5 page display banner for your bulletin board.

2nd Grade Reading Games and Activities

Students also have to add themselves as a new character in their story. All that you will need is scissors, glue, tape, and coloring pencils. Then, they edit and revise their work on their own, with a partner, or in individual writing conferences with me.

And what an accomplishment when he can recite from memory all 6 poems! Many teachers spend their valuable time cutting out large display letters or making a banner on their own at home on their computer.

Describe why it would be fun to live in the same house as the main character. You could draw a human head on the top of a pokey pin. Look at the pictures and read the poem again.

The same as five plus six! What does the poet compare to a boat sailing? Grammar and Composition—You will be thrilled to see your fourth grader become more comfortable with correct grammar in conversation and composition.

Black and White House Templates: Math Here is your new addition problem. Answers What does the poet compare to a bridge? On my first draft worksheets, I have designed the writing line spaces to match the spaces allotted on the final draft house templates.Buy Maran Illustrated Effortless Algebra on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

Writing a book review

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2nd grade Opinion Writing Worksheets

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Book report worksheet second grade
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