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Literacy is essential for all other education; reading skills rarely change much between middle school and high school graduation of which more below.

The average Black student attends a school in which 82 percent of the students are poor; the average White student attends a school in which only a quarter of the students are from poor families.

While the unemployment rate for White Washington is just 1. Just eight percent are employed in service occupations. Articles will be published according to style and content standards. Public Schools is no longer the Superfund Site of American public education.

Originating out of the commentary and coverage of education began in by RiShawn Biddle with Left Behind, a series of editorials in The Indianapolis Star, Dropout Nation and its team of contributing writers sheds light on these issues through the objective and honest use of data.

Segregation does not automatically lead to differentiated education achievement; after all, children in public charters schools generally do better than their peers in traditional districts despite stratification based on race.

Google News feeds can also be accessed. The White unemployment rate has slightly decreased since the financial crisis; the Black unemployment rate has increased by three percent, a difference that is itself twice the current total White unemployment rate.

The District of Columbia school system claimed a 73 percent graduation rate in The Brown University Dissimilarity Index measures whether one particular group is distributed across census tracts in the metropolitan area in the same way as another group.

Which makes all the discussions about D. But it still has miles to go before it can receive applause for properly education Black children. The upward mobility chances of one of the few White children born into poverty in Washington are between two and three times those of one of the many Black children born into poverty in the city.

It is probably significant that in 96 percent of students entering the Community College of the University of District Columbia required at least one remedial course; half needed remediation in four subjects.

Eighty percent of the employed adult White civilian population work in middle class occupations: A high value indicates that the two groups tend to live in different tracts.

Between fourth- and eighth grades, the percentage of the relatively few middle class Black students in Washington testing at or above Proficient declines from 44 to 27 percent; the percentage of the much larger number of Black students eligible for the National Lunch Program testing above Proficient declines from 15 to 7 percent.

Between grades 4 and 8, the percentage of the relatively few middle class Black students in Washington testing above Basic in reading declined from 80 to 69 percent; the percentage of the much larger number of Black students eligible for the National Lunch Program testing at or above Basic in reading declines from 44 to 39 percent.

In eighth grade, just 53 percent tested at or above Basic in reading, just 25 percent were Proficient or above. For-profit media outlets can contact rbiddle-at-dropoutnation. Justlive within the heart of… Certainly Washington, D. A value of 60 or above is considered very high. Black Washington is not in any meaningful way in the same socio-economic category as White Washington, and that is clear by every economic and educational measure.

Nearly two-thirds of American households have incomes over the District median for Black households. June 15, Comments Off on D.Sep 25,  · Title: Dropout Nation (25 Sep ) / Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site?

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Dropout Nation

Watch full-length episodes of PBS documentary series FRONTLINE for free. Dropout Nation - An unforgettable portrait of four students in crisis and the teachers, counselors, and principal waging a daily, personal struggle to get them to graduation.

The problem, as a Dropout Nation analysis of data submitted by the districts to the U.S. Department of Education’s Civil Rights Database, is that none of Harris’ statements are true.

Take Harford County, the largest district in Harris’ district. Dropout Nation is the leading online outlet covering and commenting on American public education and school reform. Reaching more than 20, unique readers every month, Dropout Nation focuses its daily coverage on the policy and practice issues that contribute to the crisis of low educational achie.

Dropout nation
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