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She may find it more necessary, or even perhaps more shocking, for it makes our age seem prim and puritanical and half-witted by comparison, not to mention more parochial. C Lessing won the Nobel Prize for Literature and her crotchety response to journalists when she heard about it remains priceless.

Plot summary[ edit ] The Golden Notebook is the story of writer Anna Wulf, the four notebooks in which she records her life, and her attempt to tie them together in a fifth, gold-coloured notebook. These notebooks represent the strain to personality of unintegrated consciousness, and it remains as characteristic of female experience now as then that what Lessing calls the existence of "false dichotomies and divisions" — the self as fragmentary and compartmentalised and thus as potentially dishonest in and of itself — damages individuality and its status in culture.

Linda Nylind for the Guardian The Golden Notebook is the book I have given most as a gift since I read it for the first time nearly a decade ago, in my early 20s. Lessing deals with Communism, art, a possible nervous breakdown, class, colonialism in Africa and the uneasy war between the sexes in the s and 50s.

She takes little for granted. C I suppose not. Those of us who did not choose to join the party the majority had no trouble believing the evidence of Stalinist horrors that soon began to leak out of Russia, because that evidence was far more convincing than Communist pieties; so I soon became impatient with a book full of minute analysis of the dismay and distress of party members when they had to face the ugly truth which had been accepted by everyone else for years.

That subject is made concrete in the person of a writer, Anna Wulf, who cannot write. She has never had any time for would-be women writers who complain that pregnancies silenced them or reduced their output: The entire section is words. The blue notebook is a diary of the daily events of her life; the red notebook is concerned with politics; the black notebook is concerned with her previous life in Africa and with her professional life as a writer; and the yellow notebook is for initial drafts and ideas for stories.

Indeed, the modern reader may find The Golden Notebook far franker, more open, more intellectual and more politically and personally revolutionising a text than its first readers did. For the times have changed again. This book gave me a headache, and I found the central character a whiny, privileged white woman going on about first-world problems.

Entries from all four notebooks are interspersed among the sections of ongoing action of the fictional present, the summer of E All of the above.

Patricia Brent Yellow Notebook: I might have gone off the rails completely. D The stilted conversations between Anna and her friend Molly. Both women sense that their friendship is one of the key factors which enables them to survive in this life-style.

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Those are serious subjects! Editor George Yellow Notebook: Trade union leader, friend of Tom Mathlong. Anna keeps four separate notebooks; the entries in these notebooks occupy more than three-quarters of the total novel, and they are responsible for the complex structure of the book.

A few years earlier, Anna and her daughter Janet had shared a house with Molly and her son, Tommy; Anna now lives a half mile away, but the two women maintain their close friendship. Main character of Free Women and writer of the Notebooks.

Lessing has never been much interested in being fair or balanced.

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I want to read her five-novel Children Of Violence series, which seems to deal with some of the same themes as The Golden Notebook. I and most of my friends, who were more or less the same age as Doris Lessingfelt, as she did, that society was in a shocking mess and that socialism was probably the answer, so most of us flirted with the idea of joining the Communist party.Feb 26,  · Nestled among the shops in Woodstock, The Golden Notebook is a independent ran bookstore since the 's.

This place really has that small town charm. When we walked in, I noticed a lot of people where in here/5(2). The Golden Notebook is a novel by Doris Lessing. It, like the two books that followed it, enters the realm of what Margaret Drabble in The Oxford Companion to English Literature called Lessing's "inner space fiction"; her work that explores mental and societal breakdown.

The Golden Notebook is Doris Lessing’s most important work and has left its mark upon the ideas and feelings of a whole generation of women. Elizabeth Hardwick A rewarding book, and an unusually perceptive one/5(14). The Golden Notebook: The Golden Notebook, novel by Doris Lessing, published in The novel presents the crisis of a woman novelist, Anna Wulf, suffering from writer’s block.

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Immensely self-analytical, she seeks to probe her disorderly life by keeping four notebooks: a black one covering her early years in British.

Complete summary of Doris Lessing's The Golden Notebook. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Golden Notebook. The Golden Notebook: A Novel [Doris Lessing] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Anna is a writer, author of one very successful novel, who now keeps four notebooks.

In one, with a black cover/5().

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