Reasons to be a nurse

No problem, because night nurses are always needed. Nurses have the opportunity to work as a team and support each other. Nurses are needed all over the world as part of medical volunteers. For example, you could be off weekends, holidays, and summers if you worked as a school nurse.

Even with a national nursing shortage, top students are finding it nearly impossible to pursue their passion for healthcare. Nursing jobs usually have great benefits. Even highly qualified applicants with excellent GPAs and prior medical experience are facing rejection.

Nurses volunteer at local community health fairs to the far reaches of the world. For example, nurse inventors can develop and patent medical devices. Nurses may have the opportunity to have their student loans paid or forgiven. Also, nurses can work from home. Technology is adding new dimensions to nursing Advances in technology are rapidly changing the scope of the healthcare industry, including nursing.

It is expected that by many of these nurses will begin their retirement, adding to an influx of nursing job openings. For people interested in seeking commission instead of enlisting for a US Armed Forces career, this a great perk.

Besides caring for others, here are 25 reasons to choose a career in nursing. The profession is expected to grow by 16 percent throughaccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics BLSa rate that is much faster than the average profession.

Experienced nurses rarely have trouble finding job. A nurse not only performs nursing duties but teaches others how to care for their own health.

5 Good Reasons to Become a Nurse

Whether it is networking in real life or online, nurses tend to stick together with other nurses. Informatics deals with measuring data where nursing informatics diagnose that data and convert it into easy-to-understand information that can be used for patient treatment and care.

25 Reasons to Choose a Career in Nursing

Nurses have earning power. One common work from home job is nurse coaching for an insurance company. The job growth at this level of nursing is expected to swell by 31 percent through Nursing career choices are expanding The title that once meant one specific role in in healthcare has been growing wider ever since.

The demand for nurses with advanced degrees is even hotter.

Top 3 Reasons Nursing Schools Are Rejecting Applicants In 2018

Nurses can switch jobs quickly and easily compared to many other professions. Nurses know which specialist and surgeons to use themselves. Nurses are the most trusted profession. Leave your comments below.

If you love to work in a team atmosphere, nursing could definitely be for you.

20 Reasons Why You Should Be a Nurse

Not a morning person? The field also offers an attractive level of job security. What other profession offers a work schedule that allows you to be off 4 days a week and still be considered a full time employee? Labor and delivery nurses have the joy of experiencing this on a daily basis.

Flexibility in location is another reason to pursue a career as a nurse.I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread about reasons why we want to be nurses. That way when we're struggling in our pre-reqs (especially those of us just starting out who have no idea.

3 Reasons Why Schools are Rejecting Candidates. 1. A substantial portion of qualified nurses are reaching retirement at the same time. A nurse can work in different kinds of establishments, each offering unique work environments. For example, a nurse can work in hospitals, schools, home care facilities, government agencies, and so on.

10 Reasons to Become a Nurse Now

For those who feel called to become a nurse, nobody even needs to give them a list of reasons. However, if you're on the fence about entering nursing, these five reasons should be motivation enough to take that next step.

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Reasons to be a nurse
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