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Shakespeare emphasises the two types of love to show that if it is really love it will begin fun and end in a more exciting way when it finishes. How can we know if love is true? I tell thee what: Juliet urges night to come because only at night can Romeo visit as their families are sworn enemies.

Though each of her choices ends up getting her and her lover deeper into trouble, those choices are at least the result of sober, careful reflection.

Why call you for a sword? Also a shrine was a place of worship associated with a sacred person or object telling us that Romeo looked at Juliet as an angel.

Therefore, his happiest when Romeo rejoins his witty, crazy group of male friends: As a priest, Friar Laurence naturally believes that destiny exists, as God has planned out all events.

Is physical attraction a necessary component of romantic love? The lovers will be punished not because of flaws within their personalities but because fate is against them.

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Furthermore he approaches Juliet and takes her hand, speaks Romeo and juliet trial essay her and kisses her without knowing neither her name, background nor her personality. He is using her. As well as compliments through out, the play also contains many insults from many characters and not just between rival families.

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Mercutio has definite ideas about what masculinity should look like. Either Romeo or Juliet, it is suggested, could have halted the headlong rush into destruction at any of several points. Give me my long sword, ho!

So therefore saying that killing someone is not a bad thing would be taken very seriously which indicates sheer anger. He criticizes Tybalt for being too interested in his clothes and for speaking with a fake accent. As well as his actions being different, his language is completely the opposite.

This accidental meeting emphasizes the importance of fate in the play. Wife, we scarce thought us blest That God had lent us but this only child; But now I see this en is one too much, And that we have a curse in having her: Friar Laurence recognizes the power of fate to overrule his good intentions when Juliet awakens: In this scene, Tybalt first notices Romeo and is furious as he believes that Romeo is there to cause trouble.

In the closing family portrait, the Capulets and the Montagues gather around the tomb to witness the consequences of their absurd conflict. After Caplet had first talked to Paris about arranging a marriage to Juliet he had finally decided that Paris was going to marry her, without even having her consent; she is also merely 14 years old, and has seen Paris once, but has not ever had a genuine conversation with him.

Love Love is another important thematic element in the play, which presents various types of love: In the balcony scene, she compares their love to lightning, which flares up suddenly but can just as quickly fade into darkness.

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His impulsiveness has made him a romantic icon in our culture, but in the play it proves his undoing. When Romeo runs to his cell after killing Tybalt, Friar Laurence acknowledges that Romeo does indeed have bad luck: When Romeo first speaks he speaks in riddles. If thou art fickle, what dost thou with himThat is renowned for faith?

The feud between two families and the love between Romeo and Juliet.

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Fate and fortune are closely related in the play, as they both concern events that are out of human control. There is ample evidence of both fate and free will in the play, and the presence of both greatly affects the interpretation of the plot and the characters.

The entire section is 1, words. Value and Doubleness Another important theme is the idea of value and doubleness. Then I defy you, stars! When we see Romeo for the first time he is alone, walking slowly by some woods.

Do the characters have the ability to choose what they want to do, or are they simply destined to participate in death and destruction? Fate as a dominating force is evident from the very beginning of the play.

In Act 5, Scene 1 Tybalt emphasises the hate between the two families of the play in his behaviour on stage. Friar Laurence also shows his belief in the power of destiny over people.Romeo and Juliet, by Shakespeare, is a play which shows how prejudice leads to escalating violence.

Prejudice leads to violence shown in the play when the feuding families, the Montagues and Capulets fight. Romeo and Juliet Mock Trial Essay Words | 4 Pages. Romeo and Juliet Mock Trial Essay Of all the things that occur in Romeo and Juliet, the death of Tybalt is one of the most climatic parts of the story.

Yet, this all started from another killing of a different person, Mercutio. Similarly, the deaths of Romeo and Juliet are tragic but also bring new life to Verona. The Friar's own role in the play contains this ambiguity.

Although he tries to help the lovers, his actions lead to their suffering. In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is 13, but how old is Romeo? Good question. Juliet's age is, you're quite right, specified by the Nurse and Lady Capulet in. Romeo and Juliet Mock Trial Essay Of all the things that occur in Romeo and Juliet, the death of Tybalt is one of the most climatic parts of the story.

Yet, this all started from another killing of a different person, Mercutio. One of Shakespeare's early plays, Romeo And Juliet explores the themes like young love, loyalty, family politics in late 16th century Verona.

As such, it is full of possibilities for essay topics, some more tiered than others.

Romeo and juliet trial essay
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