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After being in love with each other they announced their engagement in early and finally got married on August 18, Taking after her fantasy, she started keeping in touch with media bunches looking for work in her last year. When she was in the final year of her career, she started to write to different media groups looking for a job.

She entered in the politics of Sierra Leone in She has a height of 5 feet 3 inches. In MarchSky UK hired her. She is not known to be pregnant as of today. Isha Sesay whose childhood dream was being an actress changed her interest in journalism and writing after her graduation.

Isha Sesay Bio

They were frantically infatuated and everything showed up on their big day where they had a fabulous time entire night. Leif Coorlim is a fellow CNN staffer. So, the couples are now married for almost three years now.

CNN Anchor Isha Sesay Marries Leif Coorlim In Georgia (PHOTOS)

Kadi Sesay, a lecturer at Fourah Bay College. So we had no idea what he would do with the ceremony space and were completely blown away by how he transformed the ballroom.

After spending about three years together, the couples are still going steady, and no rumors or news are available till now about the couple likely to go through the process of divorce. Isha Sesay went back to Sierra Leone when she was still young and she started in Freetown.

Initially, she began working as a researcher for the BBC talk show Kilroy. She is active in this field since Subsequently, she has a sexy body figure.

She was locked in to Leif Coorlim in the year January 5, who is her associate. Sinceshe started to work for the HLN organize. She was repeatedly interrupting while he was about to speak of drop his opinion on a certain question.

She stands a decent stature with flawlessly hot and provocative body estimations.

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Well, our day exceeded my wildest dreams.Isha Isatu Sesay is the British Journalist who was born in Sierra Leon. She is an anchor at CNN international with HLN. She is based on the network in Atlanta and she likes to host many new programs such as Back-story and CNN News Center.

Dec 04,  · Isha Sesay was from the Muslim family born as Isha Isatu Sesay in Bordeaux, France to Kadi Sesay and her husband.

CNN's Isha Sesay Georgian Wedding: Journalist Husband, Leif Coorlim

She was raised in Sierra Leone in upper middle class family. She is English and is of Sierra Leonean For: CNN. Isha Sesay Biography - Affair, Married, Husband, Ethnicity, Nationality, Salary, Net Worth, Height | Who is Isha Sesay?

France-born Isha Sesay is one of the top journalists in the current era. Although she was born in France, she is a British national. Specifically, she works as an anchor/correspondent for CNN.

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Isha Sesay exits CNN, cites Trump-focused coverage as reason Published August 1, August 1, Popular Cable News Network reporter, Isha Sesay, has announced her exit from the organisation after spending 13 years.

Isha Sesay is an anchor and correspondent for CNN International. She is based at the network’s global headquarters in Atlanta. Sesay anchors ‘CNN NewsCenter’, a half. Later in November ofIsha became a news anchor and correspondent at CNN International. Currently, Isha Sesay is the host of CNN NewsCenter and Backstory.

Isha Sesay exits CNN, cites Trump-focused coverage as reason

Apart from her duties as an anchor, she contributes as a presenter of the Bulletin for Anderson Cooper °.

Sessay cnn
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