Socio cultural impact of tourism

Over the last three decades, there has been growing debate on the magnitude of tourism in developing countries, and its impacts and implications in the host regions are enormous. Result of Hypotheses Testing: Does the organization cooperate with the local businesses?

References from research papers, books, articles, internets and newspapers were taken appropriately for interpretation of data. For a variety of reasons, host communities often are the weaker party in interactions with their guests and service providers. Local people will also see examples of foreign lifestyles and consumption in advertisementsmagazineson televisionand in films Socio cultural impact of tourism, and therefore tourism is not the only influence on local culture.

Of these 13 districts, four districts Nainital, Haridwar, Dehradun and Udham Singh Nagar have large areas in the plains, whereas the other nine districts comprise the hill region of the state.

The result was a final usable sample size of residents and tourists. Economic inequality - between locals and tourists who are spending more than they usually do at home.

For the selection of sample, Convenience sampling method was applied in this survey. Introducing ecotourism to Venado Island, Costa Rica. Similarly findings of Nigam 13 showed that Tourism in Garhwal has helped in conservation of its cultural heritage since ages.

Growth of mass tourism is often accompanied by increased crime. Children are sometimes recruited for such jobs, because they are cheap and flexible employees.

Socio-Cultural Impact of Eco-Tourism Essay Sample

The positive impact of this can be an increased awareness of environmental stewardship. The increase in the amount of CO2 dissolved into the oceans is changing its chemical composition, leading to acidification of the oceans, which in turn has led to bleaching of coral reefs worldwide.

These results show that positive impacts have exceeded the negative ones, as evidenced by the value of Mean and SD. These activities, such as hikingtrekkingkayakingbird watchingwildlife safarissurfingsnorkellingand scuba-diving all affect the local ecology. It is a responsible travel to natural areas that safeguards the integrity of the ecosystem and produces economic benefit for local communities.

Reality or Rhetoric www. On a more social level, tourism leads to intercultural interaction. Example of a Safari tour in Kenya There are a range of impacts from hiking, trekking, and camping that directly affect the activity area.

The impacts arise when tourism brings about changes in value systems and behaviour, thereby threatening indigenous identity. This happens in a range of formats, on land and in the ocean.

This result confirmed that there is significant difference between the positive and negative sociocultural impacts of ecotourism as positive impacts have exceeded the negative sociocultural impacts. One positive is the creation of business and jobs for local craftsmen, who are able to sell their goods to tourists.

The argument that by monetizing cultural artifacts locals lose the value to their culture also exists. To determine specific recommendations to enhance the awareness of the government, local community and tourist of the impacts on the local people Study Area: The software approach for the data analysis in this research was SPSS Undoubtedly, the later result confirms that the level of income influences the perceptions of the local people towards the sociocultural impacts of ecotourism.

The state of Uttarakhand is blessed with good forest wealth. The numbers of foreign tourist arrivals in Uttaranchal have increased from 44 thousand to 86 thousand between and and domestic tourist arrival has also increased from 95 lakhs to 11 crores between the same periods No doubt, tourism has contributed to a fast rise in State Domestic Product SDP and employment in Uttaranchal.

The earnings from ecotourism industry results in socio-economic status of the host community.

Impacts of tourism

Wide range of data was collected through secondary sources mainly from Directorate of Tourism Dehradun. Tourism can raise property values near the tourism area, effectively pushing out locals and encouraging businesses to migrate inwards to encourage and take advantage of more tourist spending.

When power is supplied by diesel or gasoline generators there is additional noise and pollution.SOCIO-CULTURAL IMPACTS OF TOURISM INTRODUCTION •The socio-cultural impacts of tourism described here are the effects on host communities of direct and indirect relations with tourists, and of interaction with the tourism industry.

Free Essay: Socio-cultural Impact of Eco-Tourism Dr. Anjani Kumar Abstract Ecotourism is entirely a new approach in tourism. Born in its current form in late. This literature review will be based on the research of the socio-cultural impact of tourism on the local people in Mauritius.

The impacts that tourism. socio-cultural impact of tourism Tourism may have many different effects on the social and cultural aspects of life in a particular region or area, depending on.

An Analysis of Socio-Cultural Impacts of Ecotourism in Kodagu District Vishwanatha S *, Chandrashekara B ** * ecotourism developments have minimal impact and are sensitive to host cultures.

However, Socio-cultural impacts of tourism are difficult to assess. As all the impact factors change, the socio-cultural impacts of tourism are also dynamic.

The analysis of the above factors provides background information for situation diagnosis and forecasting.

Socio cultural impact of tourism
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