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The warped versions of these respective events caused a vast majority of citizens to urge Congress and McKinley to push even harder for war because they finally had proper reasoning to declare war and push Spain out. Many historians argue that the U.

The major underlying reasons behind the Spanish-American War were simply extensions of the jingoism and slandering journalism trends in the U.

S gave rise to war, which could well have been avoided. Some also point to the Teller Amendment as counter-evidence against the imperialistic nature of the war, but, following the war, the Platt Amendment to the Cuban Constitution transformed Cuba from a truly independent nation into a puppet of the U.

The United States justified the war in Imperialism, where it was good for business. This principle also extended to the Philippines, another Spanish territory, as well; the U. Moreover, the motive to free an oppressed Cuba fails to explain why the U.

The intention to expand the American sphere of influence appealed primarily to U. The idea of the United States as an imperial power with foreign colonies was hotly debated domestically, with President McKinley and the Pro-Imperialists winning their way over the vocal opposition.

Nonetheless, the acquisition of territory and consequent extension of power would follow the ability to compete with the rising empires of Europe, causing the spoils of the war to overshadow its inherent selfishness. The major public outcry, however, emerged from the stories printed about the sinking of the U.

Was the Spanish-American War Justified?

Congress had passed a resolution in favor of Cuban independence before the war initiated, and after the debate, the USA decided to allow this, although American forces occupied Cuba until January 28, Although morality may have played some role, its motivational effect was far outweighed by the imperialism and hysteria factors.

Although the Spanish Empire had no ill will towards America, both the desire to compete internationally and the impulse to intervene in a conflict that was not fully understood were far too powerful. The sole purpose of these articles and sample papers is just to provide our customers with an idea about our services before they place an order.

Finally, widely circulated, factually overblown newspaper articles intended to increase sales brought the public eye to the violence unfolding in Cuba, leaving many clamoring for war.

Was American entry into the Spanish American War justified?

Although this may be true to some extent, the worst of the rebellion had ended by as the result of a ceasefire agreement and the departure of General Valeriano Weyler; therefore, American interference was needlessly invasive. A wave of jingoism swept the U. The basic reason for the invitation of conflict with Spain derived from the American desire to help the Cubans with their independence from Spain.

There was, in fact, a lust for forming colonies.Was the United States justified in declaring war in ? For: â Monroe doctrine dictates US intervenes â be rid of european power â expansion â spanish detrimental to american trade to caribbean â would get rid of them (commercial.

I believe American entry into the Spanish-American war was not justified. In September,came the event which changed the course of the Cuban rebellion against Spain. William Randolph Hearst, a young man of 32 who had been operating the San Fransisco Examiner, purchased the New York Morning Journal, and immediately locked with Joseph Pulitzer and the World in a circulation war that was to.

Additionally, even McKinley considered both the ongoing and potential harm as grounds for declaring war, evidenced by the third point made in his War Message. Much like with its intended political gains, the U. S. was chiefly concerned with its own economic interests in the war, even though Spain was not a threat to them at all.

Spanish American War Essay

Spanish American War Essay. admin December 31, ESSAY SAMPLES, Essays on History. Sample Essay. Words “To what extent was the Spanish-American War one of the most unnecessary wars ever fought?” The United States justified the war in Imperialism, where it was good for business. In the words of Senator Thurston of Nebraska: “War.

The Spanish-American War was the brief conflict that the United States waged against Spain in The war had grown out of the Cuban struggle for independence, and whose other causes included American imperialism and the sinking of the U.S warship Maine.

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Spanish american war justified essay writer
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