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The academic ranks in Australia are similar to those in the UK, with the rank of associate professor roughly equivalent to reader in UK universities. Expertise in given subject area Oral and written communication skills Research skills Knowledge of basic computer systems Motivational skills Organizational and analytical skills Ability to work both independently and as University lecturer of a team In the sample below, you will University lecturer how these particular skills and capabilities can be mentioned in a University Lecturer cover letter.

Lecturers in the US, however, are typically professors at universities who may not be full-time professors and are often not on a tenure track. In the list below, you will find common abilities and skills that are often required of University Lecturers: In the Netherlands, a "lector" used to be equivalent to the rank of associate professor at universities.

Depending on your subject area, you may work in lecture theatres, classrooms, studios, laboratories, hospital wards or outdoors if your activities include field work. Ad In the US, on the other hand, a university lecturer is often someone who teaches but is not on a tenure track and is not necessarily involved in research at that university.

Lecturers in the US, however, are typically professors at universities who may not be full-time professors and are often not on a tenure track.

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Thank you for your consideration. Designed lesson University lecturer for undergraduate biology courses for Allayne University Served as main University Lecturer in Microbiology for Newhart College Re-designed and maintained student data management system for earth science department of Miller State University Published 12 articles in academic and peer-reviewed scientific journals Awarded Master of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago Awarded Master of Science in Earth and Environmental Sciences from the University of Chicago D.

A university lecturer in this sense is almost never on a tenure track and is only teaching or working at a university for a short period of time. In German-speaking countries, the term lektor historically denoted a teaching position below a professor, primarily responsible for delivering and organizing lectures.

Depending on the college or university, however, a university lecturer can also be an instructor on a tenure track that does not involve research. There are opportunities to work abroad and you may need to travel overseas for conferences, seminars and collaborative work with other institutions.

Over the past decade, I have filled lecturer roles in several areas of science, including biology, earth science and microbiology. In many cases, University Lecturers, unlike those of professors or associate professors, are non-tenured and tenure-ineligible positions.

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They also research their chosen area and work to publish articles in relevant academic publications. The academic levels in Australia are in ascending academic level: University Lecturer Cover Letter University Lecturer Cover Letter The main role of a University Lecturer is to teach specific subjects to higher education students in public or private universities or colleges.

These positions are somewhat unusual, but provide a career path for those teachers who wish to focus on instruction over research.Define lecturer. lecturer synonyms, lecturer pronunciation, lecturer translation, English dictionary definition of lecturer.

n. 1. One who delivers lectures, especially professionally. public speaker, expositor a lecturer in Law at Southampton University.

lecturer noun. One who delivers a public speech: declaimer, speaker, speechifier. 4, Lecturer Salaries provided anonymously by employees. What salary does a Lecturer earn in your area? At senior lecturer level, you'll typically earn between £41, and £55, Salaries at professorial level can range from around £54, up to in excess of £, depending on your level experience and managerial responsibility.

See the University and College Union (UCU) website for details. Income figures are intended as a guide. I used to be a lecturer at a university in the southwest USA.

As a lecturer, I was charged with only teaching lower division undergraduate courses (freshman & sophomore level). In general, research and service is not a requirement for lecturers (unlike professors), but we are required to teach a larger load than professors.

This list of academic ranks identifies the hierarchical ranking structure found amongst scholars in academia.

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Level A – Associate Lecturer; equivalent to Lecturer/Assistant Professor at a US university or Lecturer at a UK university. Level B – Lecturer; equivalent to Assistant Professor at a US university or Senior Lecturer at a UK.

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