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For example, in a situation, when a new word is required and suitable borrowed word is unavailable, and a native word is not present.

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Itna arsa guzar jane ke baad bhi Pakistani awaam ghurbat ki lapait mein hain is wajah se bohat se log apni zindagi bhi khatam kar detay hain aur pait ki khatir ghair qanooni kaam karne par majboor ho jatay hain. With the invent of technologies like steam locomotives, engines, telecommunications and most recently internet and mobile phones, the world has become interdependent in economics and cultural activities.

The present study on Hybridization in Urdu and English is undertaken based on the theoretical observations made by the pioneers in the field like MullerPaulJohannes Schmidtand SchuchardtSapirBloomfieldThomason and KaufmanMufwene Thurston and Winford Dehshat Gardi Essay In Urdu: The same way,in Urdu,English loan words are used as a habit and status symbol Islam,R.

Search our thousands of essays: Globalization is the international unification of people, companies and governments of different nations through exchange of world ideas, products, concepts and other aspects of a culture.

Mostly, blend words used in the Urdu are borrowed from English for e. The language patterns ,regarding the borrowing have become even more complicated during the last three decades. Emergence of the term Hybridization: Following are the morphological processes in Urdu language to form new words Abdul-Mageed and Korayem, It mostly happens when one language is more influential and prestigious than the other language ,which is in contact with it.

First of all, English must be developed in Education system, taught as a subject and also used as a medium of instruction. Isi tarah puray mulk mein firqa wariyat ko hawa di ja rahi hai is liye ke dunya ke samne Pakista dehshat gard sabat ho jaye. Japan, Thailand, China and Egypt are included in expanding circle countries,where English is still a foreign language.

Pichlay khuch arsay se dehshat gardi ne bainalaqwani satah par mulk ko bohat nuqsan pohanchaya, mulk ka kafi qeemti sarmaya dehshat gardi ki nazar ho gya hai.

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According to Zuckermann, in the hybridity, the features of phono-semantic matching and the impact of phonological changes to orthography are less well documented, and so deserve an extended view here. The reason is that English conveys a touch of sophistication and modernity about the subject matter.

Urdu is known as second most spoken language of the world after Chinese and English Rehman,Grimes, Developing countries have either to learn to manage it far more skillfully, or simply drown in the global cross currents.

Lastly, English must be nativized and localized as other languages. Dehshat gardi ki aik bari wajah subai tasab aur tang nazri bhi hai.its all about urdu essays.

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Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Urdu Essay On Dehshatgardi. Dehshat Gardi Essay In Urdu: Pakistan mein dehshat gardi ke awamil ka barah-e-rast taluq awam Pakistan ke beroni dushmanon se hai jo yahan par mojood mukhtalif mazhbi, lasani maktaba fikar aur nasli garohon ke darmiyan mojood ikhtilafat ko bharka kar apne mazmoom maqasad hasil karte hain is mein Pakistan ke corrupt gukamran aur sayasi.

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Urdu essay on dehshatgardi
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