Waging war against terrorism in nigeria

The findings follow a United Nations report that finds that civilian deaths in Afghanistan in were at their highest levels since the global body began making reports in In other words, very similar to how it is treated in contemporary Western law.

Charles Webel is currently Professor and Dept. There were even echos of the old crusading spirit. Islamism and Jihadism The most influential Islamists who have alleged a broad malicious conspiracy against the societal system of Islam are: It must be combined with thepreventionof terrorism,both from above and from below, which requiresthe development of a global strategy of peacemaking and peace-building.

Oxford University Press, Western and Middle Eastern Perspectives London: This enmity toward Islam is especially pronounced and many times is the result of a well-thought-out scheme the object of which is first to shake the foundations of Islamic beliefs and then gradually to demolish the structure of Muslim society.

But rather than waiting for a full accounting of the facts surrounding the attacks and for a debate of all reasonable responses to them, the U.

Nigeria's president pledges 'total war' against Boko Haram

Agents — both foreigners sent by the imperialists and natives employed by them — have spread out into every village and region of Iran and are leading our children and young people astray.

General Andrew Owoeye Azazi, is no doubt a competent and one of the best security experts in Nigeria today. How Do Terrorist Groups End?

War against Islam conspiracy theory

Capitalising on this, Jonathan has sought to paint Boko Haram as part of a broader global jihadist movement being directed from abroad, the first time he has taken this line. Cook, a religious studies professor at Rice Universitywhat some believe is scriptural evidence for the existence of the alleged "War against Islam" is found in a popular hadithone that supposedly prophesies a war against Islam is the "Tradition of Thawban"[ clarification needed ]: Additionally, the Zamfara penal code in effect in the North of Nigeria provides that if life and property are taken during the commission of hirabah, the penalty is crucifixion.

The countries that are the greatest source of refugees and internally displaced people IDPs also suffer the most deaths from terrorism, with ten of the 11 countries that had more than deaths from terrorism in having the highest levels of refugees and IDPs. Fighting Terror without Terror?

The president should remove the National Security Adviser and replace him with a capable person from the North. Typical convicts under the term are members of armed ethnic separatist groups, members of armed drug trafficking groups, and people involved in armed robbery.

In addition, the Nigerian police will perform better if government inspire, train, equip and motivate them to work under a command of an experienced, well-educated and dynamic inspector general of police. In conclusion, we cannot attack and defeat terrorism by using the same old styles of leadership that brought us to where we are today.

Though the terminology uses the term zina, nonetheless, they are two categorically different crimes as rape is treated as a tazeer discretionary crime by the judge and prosecuted based on circumstantial evidence medical evidence, any number of witnesses, and other forensic evidence.

The cases that fall under this term typically require involvement in armed criminal activities, e.Nigeria's president pledges 'total war' against Boko Haram.

our national unity and our political stability, by waging a total war against terrorism," Jonathan said in a TV speech. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 6, Issue 1, January ISSN security agencies within and outside country.

Nigeria's president said Thursday he was declaring "total war" against the Islamist militant group that in April abducted more than schoolgirls in the northeastern state of Borno.

"I am. When definedwithin the narrative of national security, or what is also called “Orthodox Terrorism Theory,” any actual or threatened politically motivated attack bysub-nationalagents on noncombatants, and, arguably, against soldiers, police, and political leaders as well, has been considered an act of “terrorism.”.

War against Islam (also called the War on Islam or Attack on Islam) is a conspiracy theory narrative in Islamist discourse to describe an alleged conspiracy to harm, weaken or annihilate the societal system of Islam, using military, economic, social and cultural means.

Oct 25,  · “The region is likely to be hit by a severe wave of returning Islamic State fighters while al-Qaeda expands into other states such as Niger, Burkina Faso and Nigeria,” Bakr said.

Waging war against terrorism in nigeria
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